A Gift Registry for Cancer Thrivers and Supporters

“To me, going through chemo and still living your everyday life to the fullest-highlight fullest makes you more than a cancer patient, it makes you a Cancer Thriver” Elissa Kalver
Founder and Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer Thriver

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The WeGotThis.org Registry was created by Elissa Kalver, a stage 4 metastatic breast Cancer Thriver.

The WeGotThis.org Registry was created by Elissa Kalver, a stage 4 metastatic breast Cancer Thriver. Going through her first rounds of chemo, she thought: So many people in our lives want to help us through this journey. What if there was something like a wedding or baby registry that could offer all of the things a cancer patient actually needs?

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Cancer Thrivers

When you're diagnosed with Cancer, you become a part of a club you never asked to join.

Suddenly there are so many things to learn as you begin treatment and it can feel overwhelming. Did you know you should stock up on ice packs for neuropathy or even what neuropathy is? That comfy socks will come in handy for irritated cuticles caused by chemotherapy? Your family and loved ones are asking how they can help!

It’s hard to ask for help when you’re not sure what you need.


When you know someone diagnosed with cancer you can feel helpless.

You want to soothe or fix whatever is wrong. You could send flowers or guess at something they may not even need. Or you can give them the things that will be useful, that will actually help them get through treatment or recovery more comfortably.

Emily (Breast Cancer Thriver) and her Mother, Bobbie

You want to help, but what do they really need?

Cancer Thrivers

Sign up and choose items you need from almost any retail website, then share your registry. The registry will automatically send an email "Thank You!" to your supporters.

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Search your Cancer Thriver and follow the steps to purchase and send them the gifts they need. You can then easily share on socials to let your friends know how they can participate.

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